Plano Real Estate


Plano is the largest city in Collin County.  With a total population of nearly 275,000 people, Plano has grown up over the past 20 years.  Plano is home to several fortune 500 companies like Dr.Pepper, Ericsson, Frito-Lay, HP, and several others.  Consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live in, Plano also is one of the wealthiest in the US with a population over 250,000.  This year Plano was recognized as the safest city in the US.

Plano has two large highways that divide the city up.  On the East side you will find US Hwy 75 and on the West side you will find the North Dallas Tollway.  Plano also is part of the Dallas area rapid transit (DART).  Plano has several parks and schools that allow the citizens to enjoy outdoor activities.  One of the largest balloon festivals in the US happens in September in Plano.

Plano has a very healthy commercial real estate market and easy access to many from other area's throughout the metroplex.  The Plano Real Estate market is very competitive and I am sure we can find you the deal you're looking for.  Please call us today at 469-645-1011 for an immediate list of available homes.


Plano Homes for Sale

With great access to the Dallas area, Plano has a huge selection of homes for any budget.  On the East side of Plano you will find the downtown and older section of town.  Homes on the East side run between 100-300K, with many of the homes being owned by investors and first time home owners.  West of 75 to Custer you will again find an older neighborhood with a mix of older custom homes in the 150-350K price range.  From Custer heading West you will find home built from the mid 80's on.  One of the larger subdivisions you will find is Willow Bend.  Willow Bend was developed in the late 80's and you will find homes that range in price from 400-1 million +.  For the yonger at heart you can find Legacy Village that has a mix of rentals and ownership.  Legacy village is a favorite of many in the area with upscale restaurants and shops.  

Living in Plano is a dream for many, but as your agent to dream homes, we have to team and skills to find you a home in the exclusive Plano Homes for Sale market.  Please take you time in detailing what type of property you're interested in and some of the amenities you require.  We will gather your information and look through our database of homes and meet with you.  Please call us today at 469-645-1011.


Plano Realtor

Finding a realtor that has your back can be time consuming.  We realize that you might have a friend or have worked with a realtor in the past, but ask yourself some questions.

1. Are they a Realtor?  Do they stand by and follow the strict code of rules that the National Association of Realtors has put in place?  Dream Realty is a member of NAR, TAR, and locally GDAR.  With these affiliations you're guaranteed that our agents are fully trained now and in the future, and are properly advised on all new rules and bylaws that are currently in affect.

2. Does your agent follow the obligations due to you?  This can be hard when dealing with a friend or former agent.  Maybe you feel the buddy system is not getting you the business results that you need.  Remember buying and selling your home is a business transaction.  Frank and honest discussions should take place and using a friend or former agent can blur those lines.  We love referrals, but we treat every transaction like it's our own and this allows the relationship between you and our agency to feel professional and fair.

3. Buyers or Sellers agent?  Dream realty offers both services, why should you go for one service and then go somewhere else for another agent.  We are a full service brokerage and offer you both residential and commercial services.

Other quick questions to ask your agent.  Are you a full time agent?  Do you keep yourself educated?  Are you a member of the MLS board?  Will you show me a list of homes that match my criteria or will you only show me your brokers listings? 

Dream Realty's agents are full time agents, follow the state's education requirements and go well beyond.  We are a member of the North Texas Real Estate Information System which has all listing available.  We will show you any listing you're interested in...we love our profession and finding your Dream Home is what it's all about.  Call us today and hire us as your Plano Realtor.